How It's Made


Each knife handle begins with superior quality blades that are created by well known, trusted companies that have stood the test of time, such as Buck, Case, Broker Tree Brand, Syderco, Henckles, and Wustof to name a few.  Once the steel has been selected then begins the artistic part of designing and creating an exceptional one of a kind handle. 

The  stones, shells and woods used in our exquisite handles are extotic, precious and semi precious and often very rare offerings from Mother Nature. They come from all over the world and we spend a good deal  of time in research to find prime specimen's that can be crafted into the show pieces that make up our handle and jewlery collection.


Rock Varities Sawing the Stones Cutting Metal Spacers Inlaying Shaping and Sanding Polishing Finished Product

Much like wood working, stone working consists of many, many stages of cutting, grinding and sanding. The difference  being is that we work everything under water or in oil. To begin we cut the main body to the size of the grip, then it goes into the fitting area where from thousands  of intricate pieces hand cut  into varying sizes and widths we create a  unique and distinguished design for each element. It is then bonded, and taken back to the grinding station to be once again shaped.  From there it will undergo 10-12 different sanding steps starting with a very coarse  diamond grit and working down to a very fine grit. The more thorough sanding the better the polish will be in the end.  Depending on the material involved it may takes days or many days to complete a sanding cycle to a superior luster. Once these steps have been completed,  it will go through another  sequence known as buffing.  Here different compounds will be used to bring out the natural luster of the design components. Each component has it own special compound that has taken years of trial and research to discover. The finial step is to wash and dry everything and finally a superb and elegant work of art emerges. 

We are proud we are able to use our experiece and skill to present this stunning collection to you. We love to showcase the majestic quality of  materials that the earth has gifted us with and take great endeavors to produce a superior product made with meticulous patience, in the hopes it will bring as much happiness and joy to others as it has to us in the making., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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